Monday, January 25, 2010


So, at school, my friend Hayley had asked me last week to draw one of her favorite actors (I forget his name.) But I did, and I brought it to school the next week to give it to her, and suddenly everyone requested something! Crazy! So now I have two requests to finish that I picked to do, in a week! Can I do it?? I hope I can, it wouldn't be fair that Hayley got hers done in the week and they don't. So, I'll try, wish me luck please! I'll definitely need it.
Now, I didn't say I liked the way Hayley's request turned out. I hated the way it did, actually. But she loved it, and so did half the class apparently! I don't get you people; At all! But, I'll post the drawing below and you be the judges, okie dokie? :)

so much better in real life...

-Bye guys! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 resolution...

I know I am late on posting a new years resolution, BUT better now then never, right? So, my resolutions are:

1: Be a better person
2: Draw more
3: Blog more
4: Spend more time with my friends
5: Be a better friend/daughter/anything else I am to someone except for enemy

Mmm hmm, I am happy with my list of resolutions. What are yours? I'd love to know them!

Thanks for reading!