Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hi everyone,

Okay, so this is one of the things I figured I should talk about here, since it is art too! Not so recently my mom and I got a sewing machine and the few times I've used it I've had a bunch of fun with it. If you remember I did a post around Christmas...sometime, I forget which Christmas it was, where I posted about a lamb I made. This is kind of like that...improved! I've only done two projects so far but I'm looking forward to making more things like this in the future because I really do love it!

Admittedly one of the two projects involved sculpting too (as you will obviously see) BUT, it was only for the head and the rest was sewn, so he still counts!

That's right, everyone gets THE CHAIR! I'm kidding, I know they're both in the same chair, but I just like that chair!

PS: The rabbit is supposed to look antique! I'm not sure if I did that any justice, but I gave it my best!

Thanks for reading!