Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Guess what! My mom was really sweet and agreed to help me (allot) in paying for a Wacom Tablet! I'm so happy, I ordered it this afternoon on the Wacom website. Its the Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet that comes with [Adobe] Photoshop Elements and Nik Color Effects PRO, painter's software! I've been getting really good with my digital art and my mom knows I have fun and love it, so she chipped in BIG TIME. I wasn't even close to getting one and she was such a big help, so thank you mom!
Its going to take a while to come (say, 2-3 weeks) but being patient for my mom is the least I could do after what she did for me. :) Besides, sometimes the things that are waited for are the best in life! I'll be putting up digital art soon!
Anyway this is all I have to say, I just felt like I needed an update here. :) Bye guys!