Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just a tiny "poll."

I need your help, whoever's reading, if anyone is out there or I am simply talking to myself...

Do you think I should get a page on If you are clueless to what the heck this "Fictionpress" is, here is a brief description: Fiction Press (F.P) is a free site that lets writer's post their original fiction stories and poems. So, in short, its a writer's heaven, so to speak at least. People can review, comment and critique fellow writer's works on F.P.

So, do you think joining would be a good thing for me? Please comment. I need opinions...

thank-you very much.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Sew: Lambchop

Today is the start of a tradition I am making, to sew something new on each holiday. For Christmas, I made Lambchop. I finished her in one day (today.) :)
She is made from a soft cottony fabric (body) and flannel for her face. She has a lace maroon ribbon tied around her next as a festive sort of thing, her everyday-ish ribbon is a woven cream-colored one.
Her face (mouth and eyes) and entire body is hand stitched by me, my mom helped with closing the hole I left un-sewn to stuff and she also helped with sewing on the face patch (the tan patch on her face) Other then that, it's all done by me. I'm so proud of it too!

Horrible quality picture time!

I'd love to show this to my kindergarden teacher, who always got mad at me because I could never get my stitches right. Well HA! look at me now! :D I'm sewing like a pro, dude!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Lady In Black

I was with my trusty camera outside after it rained today, and found a little lady on my mom's fruit vine. Dressed in black, she agreed to let me take three - but only three and no more - photos of her, before she needed to leave.


I left for just a second to get new batteries for my camera, but coming back, she was gone, swept away by her own will, off to let the wind carve out her next journey. Maybe to another person like me, whom she would be glad or sad to spend her time with, it all depends.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I went outside today after  home-school and played with my puppy, Rex! We had a mini-photoshoot and played catch! It was very fun!



PS: It was a nice day today


                                          Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas spirit!!

I do love Christmas! Me and my mom went to the craft store today to pick up some clay with the money I earned recycling, when we got side-tracked at the Christmas decoration display. It was beautiful, they had miniature light-up marry go rounds and cute stuffed snowmen and reindeer. My mom found little pot animals, the body is made of a little planter's pot and the rest is craft items like colored pipe cleaners. You glue the parts together to make the figure. Me and my mom did that today, and made tiny Kokeshi Dolls!

Here are some pictures of our crafts!! -

A base for one of my mom's Kokeshi Dolls!

My plant pot penguin!

My mom's snowman one!

Aren't they just adorable!? I love them and loved making them with my mom. It was allot of fun! Oh! Also, before I forget, I wanted to show you some photographs I've taken, I am also a photographer, not only an artist, so I wanted to show you all my pictures:

Sadly, the quality isn't too great on my blog, so it doesn't show the colors and contrasts as vividly as I'd like. But, these will have to do for now, until I can link all of you to a better quality image of these. I hope you do enjoy them anyway. =)

Anyway, that's all I have for today. I'll post something soon. Buh bye, and thanks for reading!  =D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The truth: I sucked.

The truth is, I wasn't always a great artist. I sucked. Here are some genuine examples:

So, the secret is out, I wasn't always the artist. But, practice makes perfect, right?


Hi guys,
I forgot to tell you about the movies with my brother. It was amazing! Even if I still disliked the movie, I loved spending time with my brother. He brought along his girlfriend, who was nice enough to by the tickets beforehand. It was my first time meeting her, and she was so sweet, I had a great time talking to her! We drove down to pick her up first then got something to eat at I-HOP. (I have gingerbread pancakes, they tasted just like the cookies!!) My brother had the pumpkin pancakes and a crepe thingy, his girlfriend had a sandwich. :)
Then we went to Fun-Factory, THAT was so fun! Me and my brother played air-hocky, and a racing game (I nearly won to, but he beat me at both games!) Then we traded in our Fun-Factory tickets for a prizes. I got a giant crayon (it really works) with candy in it. And then my brother chose out two hackie-sacks, they were a soccer ball and basket ball shaped ones, I thought they were cute!
Then, of course we went to the movies, which was okay, The first part were the girl is left alone in a forest by the vampire, and he says its the last time she'll ever see him, I just expected him to go behind a tree. "Can you still see me?" "Oh..." :D
Then...we went home! The end!

PS: Heres the plot-summary to my story, by the way!

Freshly into a new year of her life at sixteen, Pandora SinClair struggles with growing
pains. Not just any growing pains, these are for her pack. Being of the Greek bloodlines,
third of her generation, Pandora and her family have a secret against the world. They
are the connection to the one, Black Zodiac. Everyday springing off their sixteenth year
of life, until death; The Black Zodiac children swap their human skins for the skins of
their astrological animals. Pandora, the dog, presented not as the determine girl, but as
the wolf, and new leader of her pack. Now holding the weight of the world above her
head, Pandora, in a new year and a new body will have to struggle for not only her own
life, but the life of her pack.

(Review, please?)

Monday, November 30, 2009

My writing: a novel

So, currently, though I haven't been drawing much I've been working on a novel. It's my first novel, since all my stories are to short to be referred to as 'novels.' I'm very excited, and have given the first chapter to my friend to read since she is also an aspiring writer. Someday I hope to (alongside with selling my artworks) write my own novels (published) and illustrate their cover-art as well. Incorporating my two loves into one! I've been writing ever since I've been drawing, and to turn those passions into a future career would be...beyond my wildest dreams! Somehow I'll find a way to submit the finished novel here, when it is finished. I was inspired to start writing a novel after I read some of my writer friend's short stories. I've been working on the piece for a week now (hence my lack of posts...) My friend reviewed my work and said it was greater then anything I've written so far, (she may or may not have been just being nice, but she said it should be made into a film!) I laughed, but she seemed serious! Lets just say I was very eager to continue writing after she had said that.
Sadly I am working on refining my summary (to post here for critiquing) so I can't post it right this second. But I do promise you it will be up VERY soon. So, if you want to see it, keep checking back here for more.

Bye  =)

PS: sorry for such a short post, I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive here. (and to tell you about my novel of course!) =D

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Art, New Medium

Okay, so my friend, Maddy introduced me to a website that lets you paint with the computer! It has a bunch of different brushes and tools.

I tried it out and here is my results:

                                                             This is my favorite one

It took two whole days to finish, and it got deleted by my computer a few times too. Stupid computer... But it was all worth it. Anyway after this painting, I also did one of a wolf, which is here:

                                                         Note: He's got snow on his nose! :)

I've also been testing new styles of drawing this week, cartooning! I did a drawing of my favorite character from favorite movie, Balto.

                                               First I did a sketch of him on a seperate piece of paper...

                  Then drew and colored the final drawing on a good sheet of drawing paper.

All the new styles and mediums where so much fun to try! so I thought I would share with you guys!

Okay, bye! Thanks for looking!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Movies + A large rant...

On Friday, my brother is going to take me to the movies with his girlfriend. It'll be fun, since he's actually willing to spend time with me, also because I've never met his girlfriend before. I'm a little worried about making a whole 'first impression' thing, since I'm not very good at it and can tend to be a bit...awkward in public. Other then that, there's nothing wrong with spending a day at the movies with my brother...except one more thing, the movie. I'm not particularly 'excited' about the movie we're going to see, but my brother's girlfriend happens to love the movies (there we're two, this is the sequel to the first.) We're seeing New Moon. Oh boy, where to start. Well, this 'series' was first a novel saga of four books. I heard about the first book while surfing the internet and thought it might be interesting, so I went to Borders to buy it. Big mistake. First off, I didn't know there was so much hype about this book when I first bought it, so I didn't think much of it when I started to read. By three pages in, I just wasn't caught. My attention isn't hard to get, but it is hard to keep, and you know it's bad when I end at a three pages of a book. 
So, for I while I didn't read it, I set it aside for months and read my other books, until I had nothing left but that. By then the buzz about the book was strong enough and I went into the book, rather then normally, with the idea that this book would be the best. I finished the rest of the book in about 4 weeks, thought my thoughts of it being the best book ever messed with me, it filled the book with good grammar, body and description that it didn't have, and my mind was what made it the best book ever, not the author. But after I starting regaining 'consciousness' I realized something's wrong, I have to go back and read this again, I must have missed something. Turns out, I did miss something, the entire reality of the story! I fought through the entire book, or what I could of it, but at chapter 13 (or 12, I forget which) I hit a brink wall... 
Keep in mind, I am a BIG fan of the classic, fangs, bloodsuckers, burn in the sun vampires. I love, love, love Anne Rice, she is my favorite author of all time BECAUSE of my love for the classical Draculas, Nosferatus, Lestats, you know all the famous classic vampires.  Well, the first thing I noticed, ESPECIALLY in said chapter, the author completely ignores the traditional vampiric traits, INCLUDING fangs. Now, if that didn't set me off enough, in chapter 13, instead of burning in the sunlight, these vampires sparkle. SPARKLE! At this point I wanted to hunt this author down and ban her from ever picking up a pen again. Ever. This woman took the traditional vampire, whom in which may I add had no problem sucking the life out of the person they 'loved', and twisted it into her own fantasy. Not to mention she's got the most Mary-Sue heroine who has done nothing but have repetitive thoughts of how hot her new abusive vampire boyfriend is, to be called a heroine. I'm usually a really nice person, but being a writer myself, this made me mad, and I just needed to vent. I do not recommend this book to anyone, even if you love things along the lines of fantasy books. To me this book was never good enough to be signed with a publisher, much less made into a movie series. It's just not right, thinking about all the deserving and amazing writers out there, talking about real issues or presenting GOOD stories with a real plot-line and a real meaning, and then seeing something like this being published AND seeing it receive so much hype and praise. For what? Thats what I would like to know. For what, is all this praise and hype and calling this an original or good piece of literature? It isn't either of those things, it's not original, and it's DEFINITELY not a (good enough to be called) a literary piece; So, why call it that?

And if you haven't read the whole series or even just the first book like I did, your lucky, try to keep it that way. 

See you all later. I'll post some new art soon hopefully. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, today when me and my dad where driving home a storm started! I absolutely love thunder storms! Their so beautiful and inspiring to me, the lightning bolts flashing across the sky and the thunder sounding throughout the skies like drums. Anyway, I was so afraid about halfway up the road to my house, a large lightning bolt flashed down from the sky about 7-8 feet away from us! Though it still doesn't change my weird fascination with thunder storms, I do admit, I was really scared! I mean, what would happen if it hit one of the power lines? Or us possibly! Just so many feet away and it would've, just think about it. It is a good reason to be scared, even of something so outgoing and beautiful.

Anyway, thunder and lightning are still playing around outside in the dark, its raining but not pouring, though the air is freezing cold. I love water, especially rainwater, the sound of it dancing off everything is like a song from the clouds. I think water and rain are the most beautiful things in nature, and prefer rainy, stormy weather rather then sunny and hot weather. Listening to the rain slowly gain force on the earth and then calm slowly down seems to relax me, I guess it's why I love it so much but it's also very hard to explain.

I will most likely draw something representing stormy weather, like a scene of rain and thunder flashing through the clouds. I think it would be amazingly fun to try my hand at landscapes and express my love towards the subject at the same time. I would like to express that feeling of electricity that surges throughout your body during a storm but also evoke that relaxed lazy feel as well.

I just set up my video camera in the kitchen window to record the stormy sounds! Lets see what it catches! Oh, I'm so excited! I will probably post the video later if it's possible to post videos here. But, for now, with nothing more to say, I will go.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Some cool stuff I found

Today I was on the internet and came across these videos! I thought all of you should see them, they are so inspiring to me, and hopefully they inspire you as well.

For the people who constantly repeat, 'I CAN ONLY DRAW STICK FIGURES!' This video is for you: Watch this

For people who say you can only draw with your hands, this video is for you: Watch this

Now, I said I was inspired, so I drew with my feet as well. I also tried drawing with my right hand!

                                                                     My Results:

                          I drew this with my feet! Its not as good as the picture in the video, but oh well.

                                 and this is the self portrait I drew with my right hand (I'm left handed)

Okay, now I'm done boring you all, nothing more to say for now! I'll probably post something new tomorrow or when something new actually happens. :)



I got scared I'd never see my blog again! Luckily I thought of something, I didn't receive my account activation email, so I thought, what if I forgot the 's' in rainbows? (for my email) So, I tried it, and TA DA!  Here I am!
Now, all I need to do is figure out how to change my email on this account so that I can get the activation email. Anyone know how to do that? I'd be so happy, thank you!

Anyway, I also forgot to thank my friend, Sky for posting about my blog for me, it means allot and I know you didn't have to do it for me! So, thank you so much and I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you earlier.

I don't really have much to say, except I'm excited because I may be able to get back my old bedroom (I had to leave the old one because my grandma was staying with us, so she needed it.) I'll tell you if I ever do get it back, I have my fingers crossed!

Bye for now!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi, I'm Juel.

I'm an artist. I'm 13. I like beaches, artwork, writing and piano. I'm home-schooled and write and draw in my free time.

Here's some artwork I've done